Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Written by: Thomas Willoughby 

Weight loss is a simple concept on paper.

So, for the general public who google ‘why am I not losing weight?’, the 16 million results might make this concept confusing, the answers range from the very obvious to the very far-fetched.

There are a multitude of reasons as to why the scales might not budge. Here are the four main reasons that the Trainers at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning see.

  • 1. You might be gaining muscle mass

At Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning, we use several measurements to monitor our clients’ and members’ progress so that we can determine whether a client has had ‘fat loss’ or ‘muscle gain’.

Many of our members are new, or returning, to a lifestyle of health and fitness. When they start with us, they start eating better, training harder and improve upon their lifestyle, so they often will see transformations to their body composition rather than a change on the scales.

Our clients’ and members become less inflamed, carry less water, suffer less bloating and (perhaps our favourite aspect) add muscle mass to their body.

Hence why some of our members have seen their weight stay the same, or even increase, from the weight they originally came to us at, but their body fat percentage has dropped.


  • 2. You’re probably eating too much!

If you’re body weight is holding, and your body measurements and calipers are the same, you aren’t gaining muscle – you’re simply maintaining – you’re more than likely consuming too many calories.

For these clients, it’s a matter of controlling their calories better.

We have always seen our best results from clients and members who are dedicated both inside and outside of our gym. It’s not enough to train three days a week and eat well from Monday – Friday, and then throw all your hard work out the window on the weekends. The best results come from being diligent every day and making it your mission to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle every day of the week.

The best way to manage your calorie intake is to start tracking what foods you eat, and when you eat them.

  • 3. Your lifestyle is too sedentary

Many of our clients and members have jobs that require a lot of sitting around and before joining Southern Highlands Strength and Conditioning they didn’t engage in regular physical acticity.

  • Sitting to eat breakfast
  • Sitting in the car to drive to work
  • Sitting at a desk for hours
  • Sitting at the lunch table
  • Sitting at the table for dinner
  • Sitting on the lounge to relax

Notice the trend?

This daily cycle rings true with a lot of our members. And unless you actively decide to change this, these daily habits will stick.

Being active for under half an hour a day is not enough to have a healthy lifestyle. To lose body fat and change body composition, you need to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

If you truly struggle to find time, you can try to include some ‘non-intentional’ exercises. This includes, taking the stairs more, standing instead of sitting (invest in a standing desk) or even making calls when you’re walking rather than on the couch. It doesn’t sound like much, but introducing these activities can make all the difference between a calorie maintenance or calorie deficit lifestyle.

  • 4. You’re inconsistent

Consistency is the number one driver of fat loss.

In all honesty, it’s not something that I can ‘explain’ to you. Consistency is a result of dedication to the process and motivation to smash all of your goals.

If this is something that you know you struggle with, your best option is to find have a chat to one of the Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning Personal Trainers. Our Trainers are the best in the Southern Highlands for introducing the tools and techniques to change your lives forever. For a no obligation Personal Training consult or Phone Call, click here.


There are obviously many more reasons why you are stuck in a fat loss rut, but they all seem to come down to the above four mentioned.

So, forget Google, use these strategies and enjoy the results!


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