James Allen 

I approached SHSC because I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. I’d stop gaining strength and was not losing any weight. Also, injuries started mounting up with the type of gym I was at and this also hampered my goals. I tried training on my own and making up my own programs but this didn’t work either.

SHSC helped me by correcting form in my lifts that I thought were correct and providing a personalised program that was suited to my goals.

The results were immediate. Changing the way I lift and a proper diet saw me lose 7+ kgs as well as put on massive muscle gains.

SHSC is also a fun, relaxed place to train. No one yelling at you to beat the clock, with lots of laughs.

I would recommend SHSC to beginners who are looking for a no pressure, non intimidating gym, or advanced fitness fanatics that want to achieve better results then what they are currently achieving.


Liz de Graf 

I’ve been training with Thomas for three years now and have been a member of Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning since it opened in April 2016.

In the last few years I have undergone three different surgeries – each requiring specific rehabilitation protocols. Every program that Thomas has written for me during this time has been catered to these protocols whilst still challenging me and maintaining my strength and mobility.

Thomas has helped to keep me fit and healthy when many other Trainers would have considered my rehabilitation too high risk. He never prescribes exercises that I’m not capable of doing and caters every program to your specific goals.


Einasleigh Doherty

I started training with Thomas almost three years ago, with the goal of losing weight and gaining fitness, and we did – about 20kg!

As our relationship evolved and his persistence paid off, I started my powerlifting career – Thomas’ wealth of knowledge and programming got me to nationals in my first year of competing.

And then, Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning was born. By now I had moved away from the Highlands but continued with Thomas as my online coach. Over the next 12 months, with powerlifting specific programming and intermittent visits to use specialised equipment at SHSC, we made it to the Asia/Oceania Championships in New Zealand (and won!) and onto the IPF World Championships in Belarus.

Without Thomas’ ongoing support and access to everything I need at SHSC, I would never have achieved what I have. I look forward to continuing to strive for bigger and better things with Thomas and the team at SHSC.



Belinda Allen

Twelve months ago, I came to Southern Highlands Strength and Conditioning for Strong Man Saturdays. I first developed my love for lifting in the two years I trained at Crossfit, but after coming to Strong Man Saturdays I was introduced and intrigued by a new style of training and in particular two new lifts, bench press and sumo deadlift (which is not cheating but a completely new skill of lifting) and I haven’t looked back.

After becoming a full time member at SHSC, I set and achieved personal goals with the supportive assistance of all SHSC staff and personalised training programs. I have developed the knowledge, technique and increased strength through all three lifts; squat, bench and sumo deadlift.

Along with regular updated personalised training programs from SHSC, I also receive guidance and advice on nutrition, adapted to what my individual needs are. Over the twelve months, I have lost weight but for me it is not about ‘how much weight I can lose, it’s about the strength I have gained and with that has come change in my body shape.

Some women are afraid that lifting heavy weights will make them bulky; you don’t get ‘bulky’ lifting weights but develop muscle mass and strength. I may hang out at the gym for two hours or more (it would be less if I wasn’t talking!) but knowing that I have access whenever I want, helps me to train around my busy life. I don’t have to schedule my fitness in to set class times.

If there is one thing you do this year to change your health and fitness goals, make it Southern Highlands Strength and Conditioning, you won’t regret it!



Jesse Elliot 

Southern Highlands Strength and Conditioning has really been my saving grace the past two years. Unfortunately I have suffered three major injuries in the past two seasons of footy, two requiring me to have surgery.

All three times the coaches made adaptions to my programs and I was still able to get full sessions in, which then allowed me to get back to sport as quick as possible.


Jordan Powell

My journey in the fitness industry with Tom (founder and owner of SHSC) started long before SHSC opened. Initially, Tom helped me with workout programs and nutritional schemes which helped me get a grasp of how to set and achieve goals. Moving years forward, Tom has opened SHSC with bigger and better contributions to my fitness goals.

Before I got help from Tom and the SHSC crew, my fitness life was a struggle with little motivation and goals, but after working with Tom over the last few years he’s made training at the gym a very enjoyable activity. At SHSC the personal record tables help with extra motivation to beat your mate and improve your own numbers. Aside from the personal record tables, I’ve seen a massive difference in speed and agility that has helped me in the many different sports that I play.

I wouldn’t have achieved this high of quality of training and attributes if it weren’t for Tom and his high intensity of training methods


Kai Wortz

Since starting at SHSC in June 2017, I have already started to se physical and mental changes in myself. I can particularly see it in my body composition where I’ve lost body-fat and gained muscle.

I can’t thank SHSC enough for their programming and how it has carried over to the football field. The one-on-one Coaching with Tom and Jake has really helped me focus on areas that have needed improvement. Even though I’m on 16, they treat me like an adult athlete and believe that I am capable of my goals.

I’m super keen to see what is ahead of me with the extra help of the SHSC team.


Melissa Perrine 

I made the switch to training with Tom after I realised the programs I was following were not giving me the physical tools I need to perform at a world-class level. 10 months after Tom took over my strength and conditioning program I went on to win 3 World Championship gold medals.

Tom now liaises with my national team coach to make sure that I have a balanced training, nutrition and recovery plan that keeps me motivated and healthy throughout the year.

Following this plan has been essential to me remaining at the top of my sport for the past three years, obtaining multiple World Cup podium wins, and being a serious medal contender at the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang.


Matt Happer 

SHSC is a great gym with top notch equipment. It’s always a good atmosphere to train in and the coaches really know their stuff.

They’re always willing to help out and they teach you not only how to do an exercise, but also why we do different things, whether to target specific muscle growth or to help build better performance in your chosen sport


Esty Gentles 

October 2016 is when I first signed up at SHSC, and it was one of the best things I have done in moving forward with my training.

Both Tom and Jake, made me feel welcome and comfortable when starting out. As a Coach, Tom has guided and supported me in my training and always believed in me.

I highly recommend SHSC to anyone, and highly recommend Tom as a great and understanding coach.


Dakota Kalandis

I’ve been training with Tom for 3 years now.

My biggest hurdle was boredom. I’d easily lose motivation when I got tired of the same standard gym routines and not seeing any real results. I was embarrassed that I didn’t know how the machines worked, and that my google workout and diet wasn’t helping.

Now, not only have I accomplished things that I never thought I could, I’ve learnt so much about training and food, that I’m confident to walk into the gym, excited to do better than the last workout.

Tom and his team are so knowledgeable that whatever I ask for, whether it’s building strength, power or losing fat, I know I’ll get the result, but of course you have to be willing to work.


Jess Haken

I started at SHSC late September 2016 just after having an ACL reconstruction.

At my first introduction with Tom, I explained how I wanted to focus mainly on knee rehabilitation, whilst still increasing my overall strength. He went through a range of exercises with me to see what I was capable of at that stage and then tailored my program according to these limitations. Through these early, post-op programs, Tom has helped my knee get back to the strength it is today.

Since that very first introduction Tom has always gone above and beyond to work all my programs directly to my own goals, but most of all to push me to my full potential and I’ve never felt stronger! The variety of exercises (most of which are killers!) Tom and Jake come up with keep you motivated, challenge you and always make you feel accomplished. They’re always there to give you a helping hand when needed and are full of such knowledge (as well as dirty jokes).

You always leave with a sense of wanting to come back to achieve bigger goals.

SHSC does not compare to your standard gym. You definitely feel like you’re part of a family who encourages you to be the best version of yourself. Always enjoy my time here with these guys!


Scott Peterkin

I starting training with Tom at SHSC the day it opened.

Years of training with poor technique had left me with poor posture, a terrible range of motion and on going ITB issues.

Tom stripped every thing back got me moving right by teaching me to stretch and warm up properly. With constanly changing programs my range of motion has improved my ITB issues are gone and I have improved in all aspects of my training.


Jack Gaff

A home away from home!

It’s not just a gym, but more like a family.

The team ensure from day one you will feel comfortable and welcome. The knowledge and hands on guidance that goes into your programming is second to none. The facility is extremely functional with world class equipment and all hours access.

After training at SHSC for over a year I’m certainly not looking back. My skills, strength and athletic performance have grown expediently from day one. Everything is tailored around my body and my goals so the transition to a better version of myself is only limited to the effort I put in.


Ellie Gaff

I came to SHSC after being diagnosed with insulin resistance resulting in high range pre diabetes.

After a 12 week program with another local gym, I was really disappointed with the high prices and cookie cutter program which wasn’t suitable for my situation. After 1 week with SHSC I noticed an outstanding difference with my energy levels and was really impressed with the amount of individual attention they gave to each client, both exercise and nutrition.

Within 12 weeks at SHSC, I lost 10kg, reduced my insulin resistance levels to be within the normal range, and am no longer pre-diabetic. They also assisted significantly in the rehabilitation of my dislocated knee within this period.

They are all so supportive and it makes going to the gym heaps of fun, which I never thought I’d say.


Jye Frazer 

I started with Tom in June 2016 and I have never looked back. I used to train by myself and did very little. Starting with Tom, my training has changed so much for the better. The way he does my program to cater for my goals (which is to put on size and strength for Mittagong Lions First Grade), it has improved my game so much. Having that extra weight and strength makes playing the game so much better and I’m able to do it a much better standard.

I’m still wanting to put on much more size and strength, so by having Tom and Jake in the gym, helping and guiding me, it makes my goals so much more achievable.


Lily Crouch

SHSC has not only changed my physical appearance but has changed my spirit.

I am a happier, healthier person. You are surrounded by amazing people who are such an inspiration, not only to your fitness journey, but your personal journey.

I’ve made friends through SHSC that I can’t imagine not seeing everyday now!! Every time you walk through the door you are greeted with a smile and a good laugh from Thomas, Hollie, Jake and everyone who comes to the gym.

SHSC is more than a gym, it’s a community that comes together to make each individual the person they want to be, not just in appearance but in life.