Personal Training


The Personal Training team at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions provide our clients with the advice, support and guidance necessary for fat loss, strength gain, body composition changes and long-term sustainability.

Your Personal Training package will allow you to access our World Class Facility, Nutritional Guidance, Body Composition Analysis, 1-on-1 Goal Setting Consultations with your Trainer and a constantly evolving stream of Knowledge and Power at your disposal to optimise your ability to change your life forever.

All of our Transformational Personal Training Packages include a personalised Nutrition Plan with weekly check ins, so that you are held accountable to getting the most out of your Personal Training experience.

All of our Transformation Personal Training packages are available in 10 week blocks. Our packaging fees depend on how many days per week you opt to train (between 2-4), the level of coach you hire and whether you choose to pay via direct debit or upfront.

You can always click here to view our client transformations and read some testimonials to see what our clients and members say about their transformational journey’s with the team at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning.

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