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The team at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning pulls knowledge and experience from a multitude of backgrounds to create the ultimate, educational and supportive gym experience the Southern Highlands has on offer. Our rigorously tested methods will provide you with all of the skills for sustainable success, whether you be interested in Personal Training, Personalised Programming, Athletic Development, Bootcamps, Group Classes, Online Coaching or Nutritional Guidance.


  • Founder & Head Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Coach


  • Level 1 Coach 
  • Personal Trainer


With over 16 years experience in the fitness industry, Thomas has become a well known Personal Trainer, Gym Owner and Coach in the Southern Highlands. He has always believed that everyone has the potential to be their best selves, it’s just a matter of individualising the process.

Through the creation of Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning, Thomas has introduced a personalised gym experience to members and athletes of the Southern Highlands Community. Based in Mittagong, Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning is Thomas’ vision of allowing everyone to achieve their goals, athletic development and body transformations.

With a resume of over 200 physical transformations, he has also created and mentored NRL players, MMA Fighters, Paralympians, Powerlifters and WBFF Bikini Models.

Within Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning, Thomas Coaches, Programs and Develops the gym members who are able to use the Mittagong based facility, whilst also facilitating Nutritional and Training Programs for his Online Clients and has a dedicated list of Personal Training clients.

Whilst he primarily deals with members of the vast Southern Highlands Community, he also works exclusively with the Mittagong Junior and Senior Rugby League Club as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, specialising in all forms of seasonal training.

Thomas’ particular areas of interest are: body re-composition and transformations, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and specific Athletic Development.

He believes that continuing education of Fitness Professionals is the key to continuing the health and wellness of the Southern Highlands Community and actively seeks out and completes several courses a year to provide the best quality knowledge and skills in the area.

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Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Level 1 Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Level 1 Powerlifting Coach

Level 1 & 2 Nutrition Coach, Clean Health Fitness Institute

Level 1 Functional Nutrition Coach, Clean Health Fitness Institute

Special Strength Certificate – Westside Barbell (to be completed 2018)

Beysian Bodybuilding (to be completed 2018)



6 Week Intensive Mentoring with Daine McDonald (CEO Clean Health Fitness Institute)

Professional Coaching from Layne Norton and Ben Esgro

Nutritional Seminar, Dr Layne Norton

Advanced Training Techniques, Dr Jacob Wilson

VIP Training Camp, Dr Layne Norton

DVP Methods, Ben Esgro

The Ketogenic Diet Seminar, Dom D’Agestins

Lecturer at ACNT


Jake is a local from the Southern Highlands and started his fitness career in 2015 when studying his Diploma of Sports Development with the Penrith Panthers. During this time, he was being Coached by Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning’s Head Coach, Thomas.

His potential was observed during the course, with the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach offering him an internship as an assistant for the physical component of the course. During this internship, Jake was exposed to an array of knowledge, including learning the methods and application process from former and current NRL Strength and Conditioning Coaches, David Boydle and Lee Hopkins.

Jake’s particular interests are the breakdown of human biomechanics and teaching his clients the most effective ways to perform movements safely. With his athletes, he primarily focuses on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

When working with his clients, Jake will always be teaching them long-term, sustainable ways to train independently. He understands that each person is unique and treats them as such. All the methods and principles Jake has learnt throughout his career are broken down and explained for optimum execution.

Jake works on the Gym floor most afternoons at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning. When he isn’t here, he is working as a Coach at Penrith Panthers.

Jake is an invaluable member of Southern Highlands Strength and Conditioning. He is available for Personal Training and Movement Assessments.

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ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Diploma of Sports Development

SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer

Level 1 NRL Coach

Strength System Level 1 (completing 2017)