Our Founder


At the age of 16, Thomas’ lecturer saw his potential and offered him a traineeship. This mentoring opportunity gave him the chance to begin his practical experience learning the art and science of Personal Training, and how to teach and transform clients into their best physical and mental selves.

Over the course of Thomas’ career he has coached hundreds of recreational gym users and has achieved some incredible results (click here to view).

Throughout his 16 years in the fitness industry, Thomas has developed a specific approach to training, offering clients a sustainable plan for long term success and giving them the tools and motivation to do so. Following the philosophy of “knowledge is power”, he not only pushes his clients to better themselves physically, but he mentally prepares them with the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the transformation process.

Being the Founder of Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning, Thomas has now expanded his knowledge and experiences to make him the industry leader of the Southern Highlands. He currently coaches Paralympians, World Champions, Powerlifting champions (Asia-Oceania Championships), National Record Holders, Fitness Models and Professional MMA and NRL Players (all of whom are from the Southern Highlands!), whilst also looking after 60+ dedicated members of the Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning family.

Over the course of his career he has been mentored and coached by numerous Industry Leaders. The knowledge and teachings from Daine McDonald (Founder and CEO of the Clean Health Fitness Institute), Layne Norton and Ben Esgrow has helped develop and shape his vision for Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning and aid in the future planning for the business.

In the coming years, Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning will continue to grow to accomodate its constant influx of new members and offer the highest quality service for people who want to start on their health and fitness journey to transform their lives.

Thomas’ own professional development will continue to grow and this knowledge will be funnelled back into Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning and it’s members so that it continues to be the industry leading fitness institute of the Southern Highlands.

Thomas is one of the most sort after Personal Trainers in the Southern Highlands. As an industry leader, with a proven method for transforming his client’s lives, his methods and teachings are guaranteed to provide the tools for long term success.

Due to his current workload and commitments, Thomas only takes on five 1-on-1 clients at any given time. To check Thomas’ current availabilities, enquire here.