Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching is available to all of our members at Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning.

For those who live out of the area, or are simply after some Nutritional Guidance – we also offer Online Nutrition Programs!

We offer our clients several options for the styling of their Nutrition Plans, but for us, we have one simple rule in mind during the designing process: it must be sustainable and be easily integrated into YOUR lifestyle!

We don’t follow ‘fad diets’, we simply believe in putting you back on the right path to create healthy, sustainable food habits.

Prior to designing your personalised plan, your Nutrition Coach will organise a time with you for a face-to-face nutrition consultation (if you are opting for an Online Nutrition Program – we will arrange a time for a Skype consult). This is a requirement so we can accurately conduct a full audit of your current dietary habits and identify where we need to implement positive changes.

Southern Highlands Strength & Conditioning offers several packages for Online Nutrition Programs, click here to register for a free nutrition consultation!