Morning Miracles

Congratulations on wanting to learn about our Morning Miracles!


These three steps are guaranteed to increase both your energy and productivity.


I know how you’re feeling right now, I’ve been there myself – no too long ago either. I worked 16hour days, I went to bed exhausted, I woke up exhausted. It became my daily routine and I somehow believed that this was ‘normal’ and okay. I’d forgotten how it felt to have some ‘oomph’ in my stride and energy that makes you want to bounce around.


I drank coffee after coffee, energy drinks and even resorted to NO DOZE – but they never helped me complete my tasks any faster, they just kept me awake.


Looking back now, I was just a zombie with a bad routine in need of a good night’s sleep.


I roamed around like this for a year and a half until I finally saw what I’d become ad knew that something had to change, and fast. I audited myself thoroughly, every aspect of my day, health and business was scrutinized until I knew what I had to do.


I studied and learnt from some great people in the Fitness Industry, experimenting with protocols they showed me and adapting them so that they suited both mine and my client’s lifestyles – and we have had great success!


These protocols have changed me completely. They force you the start your day with a positive mindset and with proper nutrition. Since implementing them into my lifestyle, I work less, I’m more productive and I wake with energy that keeps me going all day.


I know that it sounds too good to be true. But, I also know that you’re tired beyond belief – so, what have you got to lose by giving out Morning Miracles a try?


Ritual 1: Himalayan Pink Salt and Lime Juice.


Every morning, before you have your tea, coffee or breakfast – drink a glass of water with a shot of fresh lime juice and one teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt.


It doesn’t sound appealing, and I can’t say the taste is much better. You’re going to feel like you have just been dunked in the ocean, but I promise you the benefits of drinking this far outweigh the taste!


By having this first thing in the morning, it kick starts the stomach’s acid production. If you have low stomach acid, the absorption of certain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, may not be as optimal as it could be. A higher production of stomach acid will help assimilate these nutrients better, therefore fueling your body and increasing your energy levels.


Himalayan Pink Salt can help the adrenals. These glands rely heavily on sodium for proper function). Coloured salts are also higher in minerals and electrolytes in comparison to regular salt, therefore making this drink ideal for those who suffer from muscle cramps.


Whilst it is beneficial for its own reasons (including detoxification), the Lime Juice’s primary function in this drink is to help you get the drink down!


Ritual 2: Protein and Fat Breakfast



Eat a breakfast full of healthy fats and protein!


“But I thought fat was bad for you?”


In large doses, certain TYPES of fats are not optimal for your health, but this principle if relevant for all foods.


By eliminating carbohydrates from my breakfasts (breads, oats, muesli, fruits), I noticed a huge improvement in my energy (not to mention I felt fuller for longer!). I felt so much more sustained then if I had had oats or muesli for breakfast.


After I had such a positive response from this change, I implemented the protocol with 17 of my clients. These 17 clients, of different ages, gender and ethnicity, all had one factor in common: they worked long hours and lacked energy.


100% of these clients reported that they will never go back to having carbohydrates at breakfast time.


Out of all the options available for a high fat and protein breakfast, the most famous one is that of red meat and nuts.


I imagine that’s not what you were expecting – I know I wasn’t. This type of breakfast improves the neurotransmitter in our brain called ‘dopamine’. ‘Dopamine’ is essentially responsible for you getting s*** done in the day, so when it’s low you’ll find your slow and unproductive, but when it is high and functioning, you will find yourself more organized and achieving your tasks.


If you’re still on the fence about red meat and nuts for breakfast some other options include:

  • Bacon, Eggs, Spinach and Mushrooms
  • Scrambled Eggs and Vegetables
  • Salmon, Eggs and Spinach
  • Egg Muffins with ingredients like: bacon, mushroom and spinach or tomato, basil and goats cheese or ham, spinach and tomato
  • Omelet with ingredients like: chicken, avocado and spinach or mushrooms, tomato and spinach


Ritual 3: Planning your day



“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job the eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first” – Mark Twain



Pre-plan your day so that you know exactly what you want to achieve and when you would like to achieve it by.


Sounds simple – but you would be surprised by how many people fail to do this or don’t think they need to.


How many times have you said you would remember something – but have forgotten?


By following steps one and two, you’ve taken care of your nutrition protocols for a daily kick start, but it won’t help you as much as it can if you don’t take five minutes (while you’re eating your high protein and fat breakfast) to plan your day.


‘How you do anything is how you do everything’ – does this saying sound familiar?


If you start your day unorganized and in a rush, what do you think the rest of your day will be like?


If you start your day with time to spare and everything prepared, your day is looking to be exceptionally productive.


The middle and end of our days are always going to be full of surprises, but by taking the time to plan in our mornings – we can prioritise to get the important parts of our day done as soon as possible.


We suggest using these three tools to prepare yourself for your day: gratitude, goals and today’s targets.


  • Gratitude: counting your blessings, simple pleasures and appreciating what you have in your life. Starting your day on a positive note can have a dramatic impact on your mood – especially on days when you wake up feeling like you’re in a rut. An example would be: “I am grateful for waking up with me health, my family and my job”, “I am grateful for my loving partner who supports me daily”, “I am grateful for the opportunites I have been given this year”.
  • Goals: The goals you write down don’t have to be different every day, you can repeat them every day and signal to your subconscious that your thoughts, actions and decisions should be based around achieving these goals. The goals you write down can be a lifetime goal, weekly goal or monthly goal. It’s up to you!
  • Today’s Targets: This is where you should be writing down the most important tasks you wish to achieve today. Keep in mind that you have limited time and resources, so don’t write a long list, it’s crucial that you spend your time and energy on the right things in your day. The most important tasks, the tasks that will move us forward, are usually the ones we find ourselves procrastinating over – so if it’s number one on your list, it’s going to be staring at you all day until it’s done. When you prioritise your targets, as yourself the following two questions: “Which task will make me feel the most accomplished?” & “What’s the value in getting this done, and what’s the risk if I don’t?”



And there they are! The three Morning Miracles that will improve your energy, productivity and kick start your healthy habits.


Let us know how you go!





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